The global waste management market is expected to grow from $285 billion in 2016 to $435 billion by 2023 (Allied Market Research. 2018). 

The opportunities to recover resources in a circular economy- are increasing, with occasional new resource streams and markets being available as technology adapts. Planning, vision and an in depth understanding of what the field offers and how countries rise to the challenge – can be a catalyst for increasing the job and economic opportunities from this sector.

What we offer

We conduct site and data analyses and compile reports with engineer input

We consult with government, industry and stakeholders to look at how the better aspects of European waste management can deliver local economic opportunities, looking at an integrated systems efficiency approach. 

Energy & resources streams

  • Recycling & Waste Management Strategy for Business & Cities
  • Waste Incineration w CHP. 
  • Feedstocks  Refuse Derived Fuel Pellets, Sewage Derived Fuel 
  • Landfill energy recovery 
  • Commercial bio-waste facilities
  • Efficient city wide Materials Recovery Facilities system 
  • Biogas & Digestate Management 
  • Autoclaves & Landfill Mining Affiliate
  • Waste Tire Energy & Resource Beneficiation

Why use our consulting service?

Benefit from 4 years of UK University Waste Management Lectures and Case Studies, Site visits/European Union best practice and applied experience. Best practice means seeing waste as a Resource & the Utilization of Emerging Green Technology. The waste hierarchy has traditionally been seen as Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle

We look at substitution to avoid waste, waste minimization at source, repurposing as in industrial ecology, energy & resource recovery and lastly safe disposal.