We offer a track record of improving the built environment for over a decade, specializing in:

  • infrastructure structural integrity and restoration
  • urban amenity design and consulting
  • innovation deployment for sustainability

Consulting and project managing services to:

  • industries – town planning and property developers 
  • commercial property, schools and residential buildings
  • utilities structure & resurfacing e.g. water tanks  
  • project managing novel applications e.g. solar installation ground mounts) 

Concrete – the second most consumed material on earth, after water. It provides the necessary foundation for a safe and resilient built environment, but the lifespan of reinforced structures is 48 years, and concrete deterioration is a spiraling cost. The UK spends £40 billion per year on the repair and maintenance of its ageing infrastructure.

We offer over a decades track record Internationally and locally, of concrete construction on water reservoirs and property – transferable to sustainable applications such as solar array footings.

  • Inspections, structural engineers reports and maintenance plans
  • concrete structural and spalling repairs 
  • surfaces, indoor air quality – mold and mildew report and intervention, rising damp chemical injection
  • bringing buildings to modern specs e.g. underfloor insulation 

We create employment with an experienced team that contract repair services. 
Work is conducted in compliance with BS EN 1504 – standards for products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures. 

We offer International and local experience of sustainable urban infrastructure applications such as vertical gardens,  solar array footings.

  • urban design and plan proposals
  • amenity and urban space design and enhance
  • urban re wilding 

Interesting Fact: concrete is the second most consumed material on earth,  provides the necessary foundation for a safe and resilient built environment but also responsible for up to 8% of all anthropogenic CO2 emissions. 

We are experimenting with proven Hempcrete & Lime for applications such as flooring. 

Application of innovation in infrastructure 

  • glow in the dark concrete surfaces that do not require lighting
  • underfloor insulation using expanded polystyrene – increase R-Value > 1 and save money through avoiding  33% heat loss to floor 
  • sustainable urban drainage – reduces stormwater cost and flood risks
  • material science application: polymers like corrosion inhibitors used on spalling repairs – can double the lifespan of new concrete infrastructure