Implementing the best future proof, most cost effective solutions to a diverse range of environmental problems.


Biodiversity is central to our success.
I help incorporate Conservation Management Planning,  Urban Biodiversity Action Plans, Catchment Management, Multipurpose Woodland, Sustainable Urban Drainage, Alien Invasive Species management and more into modern development. 


As society restrains carbon and sulfur intensive coal and bunker fuel, gas infrastructure increasingly fills this space.
Methane brings new challenges. As Global gas infrastructure evolves in this space, I assess the compatibility with climate goals.  Bear in mind the increased resource requirements when comparing conventional gas to unconventional: coal bed methane; shale & coal seam gasification.


Energy Efficiency is critical to a sustainable future. I audit facilities to ascertain opportunities. Maybe you have solar generation potential.

⚡ underutilized resources including EF Waste, Sewage and Refuse Derived Fuel, Biomass from Alien Invasive Trees, Ocean Power, Floating Solar. 
Decarbonization is critical. Join the green revolution now.


SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT Clean Air Healthy Citizens

Fleet management reduces emissions.  I report an emissions inventory, present the business case for modal shift and assist your organization in the decarbonization of transport. 


In addition to products and services, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE SOLUTIONS offers a comprehensive range of advice, training and technical resources.

Click here to find out about what services areon offer, including information on support and guidance, such as bespoke tools available to help devise your own audits of water, solar energy potential, conservation management platforms, sustainability plans and programmes and more.

HYDROCARBON INFRASTRUCTURE Informing strategic emissions management

Hydrocarbon upstream and midstream emissions science for effective emissions management of infrastructure projects.

Building institutional capacity through benchmarking criteria pollutants,  their thresholds, and the reporting framework. 


UNCONVENTIONAL ENERGY. There is no "PEAK OIL" Know the science so our home 🌎's climate does not resembles that of Venus!


Guiding decision making to tailor opportunities that tie into a safe fair future that is  Globally compatible with responsible energy trends.  I break problems down to the simplest science.  I work with media, private industries, government agencies, state and local municipalities, legal firms, financial institutions, investors, and other environmental consulting companies.


I market disruptive tech

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