Integrating biodiversity, sustainable development and sometimes contradictory resource or infrastructure projects has never been more important. Scientists urge action and we are in the sixth mass species extinction. As custodians that have invested in the capacity to guide decisions, the responsibility weighs heavily on all stakeholders to improve the outcomes of every development decision made. That is our modus operandi and remit.

Consulting Services

Conservation management planning – using current or a purpose designed conservation management software

Land and Aquatic systems management

Eco-restoration and contaminated land remediation

By developing partnerships with representatives from government, industry or other stakeholders and continual assessment and review of technical and scientific documents on best management practice and restoration of the impacts on the environment – we stimulate the green economy and a sustainable society. We maintain a planning advisory and participatory role in developments n.l.

  • Development and designated sites: RAMSAR, UNESCO and legislative compliance  
  • Strategic environmental assessments, environmental assessment studies or environmental impact studies
  • Feasibility studies or related studies
  • Tourism business

Conservation management 

  • Conservation Management Planning 
  • Urban biodiversity (experience in EU Habitats Directive & Urban Biodiversity Action Plans)

Land use management  

  • Forestry, woodland management,
  • Alien Invasive Species & biosecurity,
  • Sustainability verification,
  • Biomass standards
  • Multipurpose woodland management 

Aquatic systems  

  • Integrated Catchment management, sustainable urban and farm drainage
  • Riparian habitat management
  • Aquatic alien invasive species
  • Town planning: aquatic system health, safety, biodiversity and amenity 

Remediation of contaminated land 

  • Ecorestoration
  • Mine tailing waste and bio solids 

Island Bio invasion Management Planning

  • Habitat restoration

Our network of affiliates are available to tailor services to fit problems. With decades of academic and practical experience in Ecology, Invasive Biology, Machine Learning, Eco-restoration, Commercial Landscape Design, Community Biodiversity Initiatives, Planning, Aquatic System management and more, we are prepared for a challenge.