Our service allows pro-active informed decision making, and the identification and in most cases filling in of knowledge gaps. This offers stakeholders and institutions the opportunity for confident capacity building and minimal technical and non technical risks in industrial infrastructure development.

Specialist industries

  • oil and gas production, and distribution 
  • energy and 
  • coal bed methane, coal seam gasification, 
  • tight gas/oil, shale gas/oil, oil shales/sands 
  • infrastructure projects
  • products manufacturing
  • waste management and energy from waste
  • transportation
  • forestry
  • mining
  • metals & minerals processing

Our relationship leverages information on realizing the full economic benefits through integrating industrial development with all critical ecosystem and societal stewardship considerations. This is achieved with a passion for and through continual assessment and review of technical and scientific documents on the impacts and opportunities on the environment, economy and society. 

Our environmental management and reporting service allows for effective planning for reducing costs and impacts on the environment from energy, oil and gas and distribution, industrial processes, infrastructure projects (e.g. environmental assessments studies or environmental impact studies, feasibility studies or related studies). 

Adding efficient, salient and valuable information to:

  • strategic environmental assessments
  • environmental assessment studies or
  • environmental impact studies
  • feasibility studies or related studies
  • business operational efficiency and compliance
  • monitoring and reporting