Emissions Inventories


Air quality management means collating and sometimes predicting outcomes using  emissions and industrial activity data. 

Carbon Pricing is becoming mandatory across the country and Internationally. Effectively prepare your organization to succeed in the new low carbon economy. Whether it be through Carbon Tax, Cap & Trade or a hybrid of the 2, mandatory Carbon Pricing will challenge budgets in a fiercely competitive marketplace. 

Hydrocarbon systems, transport, powerstations – we model emissions, synthesize science and report for effective decision making in management. 



  • oil and gas production, and distribution 
  • energy
  • infrastructure projects

We inform decision making by developing partnerships with representatives from government, industry or other stakeholders. 

This builds institutional capacity with sustainable infrastructure projects e.g.

  • strategic environmental assessments
  • climate impact assessments
  • environmental assessment studies or
  • environmental impact studies
  • feasibility studies or related studies
  • abatement technology deployment
  • technology substitution


The European Nitrogen Assessment. a recent continental scale study,  gives the clearest picture yet of Nitrogen Pollution (hyperlink]

Nitrogen, phosphorous, species diversity, land systems and climate are severely perturbed.
Planetary Boundaries and thresholds or safe room to operate.

Nitrogen pollution is at an advanced stage Globally, requiring a society wide shift in business as usual, from human and farm waste management to cleaner combustion technology (catalysts) and substitution with cleaner alternatives.
Nitrogen management is key to helping resolving impacts ranging from toxic algal blooms to ocean dead zones and even improving the economy through clean air and tourism.  Pollution from Land Use to Industrial Sources requires effective integrated management, abatement and taxes.

Environmental Science Solutions provides a broad range of environmental consulting services to government agencies, state and local municipalities, legal firms, financial institutions, investors, private industries, and other environmental consulting companies.