Environmental Science Solutions provides a broad range of environmental consulting services to government agencies, state and local municipalities, legal firms, financial institutions, investors, private industries, research councils, academia, the media and other environmental consulting companies. 

We inform pro active decision making by developing partnerships with representatives from government, industry or other stakeholders. The company is a registered (Pty) Ltd directed by an University of Edinburgh Environmental Resource Management Alumni – majoring in emissions, hydrocarbons and International energy infrastructure.

Our relationships leverage information that aids in realizing the full economic benefits from industrial development. But development that integrates critical ecosystem and societal stewardship considerations. We do this with a passion for and through continual assessment and review of technical and scientific documents on the impacts and opportunities on the environment, economy and society.

Our consulting service informs sustainable infrastructure development projects e.g.

  • strategic environmental assessments 
  • environmental assessment studies 
  • environmental impact studies 
  • feasibility studies or related studies 
  • air and water quality assessments

Industrial sectors 

oil and gas production, and distribution, energy, infrastructure projects, products manufacturing, waste management, forestry, transportation, mining, metals & minerals processing.

Environmental  Resource Management 

Recycling & Waste National & Regional Strategy 

Industrial Water Consulting 

Nitrogen Pollution 

Industrial Emissions Inventories

Built  Infrastructure

Natural Heritage Management

Environmental Science Solutions provides a comprehensive range of advice, training and technical resources. Our consulting progresses big and efficient systems on regional and national scale, but we pay attention to every detail. 

Find out about the packages and services we offer, including information on support and guidance, such as bespoke tools available to help devise your own water audits, energy efficiency and sustainability plans and programs.

Emissions management and climate change mitigation
  • Coal bed methane or coal seam gas
  • Shale gas & oil
  • Oil shales
  • Coal seam gasification
  • Tar sands